Business Solutions

Asset Purchasing

Charged off debt purchasing is the catalyst behind Icon Equities, LLC. Currently, Icon Equities, LLC purchases charged off assets from credit issuing entities in the following vertical markets:

  • Credit Cards
  • Consumer Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • Utilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Student Loans
  • Medical Receivables

Icon Equities, LLC purchases receivables in two ways:

  1. One time bulk purchases - Selling in bulk allows the creditor to generate capital quickly in order to meet company recovery numbers or eliminate large historical files of non-performing assets allowing for generation of capital needed to hit internal goals.
  2. Forward Flow Purchase Agreements - By creating a revenue stream on receivables, creditors can eliminate or reallocate full time employees to other revenue generating initiatives.

Asset Sales

Utilizing a debt sales strategy will allow Icon Equities to not only have an exit strategy on it’s existing portfolios, but to be able to buy and resell traditional charged-off accounts to maximize the return on investment.

Icon Equities has a network that includes national, regional and state level buyers of debt. Inventory is often an issue for state level buyers, thus resulting in simple economics of supply and demand affecting price in a positive way. There are also national buyers that do not have the relationships with the creditors to buy direct. Icon Equities will purchase accounts direct from creditors and resell them to these state and national buyers to meet their inventory demands. There are certain buyers for all types of paper.